General Manager

Magnus Fontes

Oncology & Immunology

“Contributing to advancing fundamental human knowledge through open collaborative research, and through multidisciplinary efforts directly bring value to patients.”

Your role at Institut Roche and brief presentation of your professional background:

I have a PhD in Mathematics and I worked as professor and head of department at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences at Lund University until 2014 when I joined Institut Pasteur in Paris as Director of Bioinformatics for the International Network of Pasteur. In 2018, I joined Genentech as Principal Scientist and head of Systems Immunology within Cancer Immunology and finally in 2020 I joined Institut Roche as General Manager.

My Focus at Institut Roche:

Contributing to a local ecosystem and culture where people have both the freedom and the resources to reach their full potential with the common goal to co-construct and manage high value research projects that have a potential to transform healthcare and clinical practice.

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