Tools & Documentations

Apollo and GitHub

Institut Roche provides its partners and researchers with resources and tools fostering our data-driven approach: Apollo and GitHub enable data storage, operation, visualization, and sharing.


Apollo: Roche’s next-generation multimodal data science platform

Apollo is an end-to-end Roche platform enabling the entire Roche ecosystem to build data products by integrating and curating extensive, multimodal data (clinical, imaging, genomics, patient-generated, and digital data). Advanced analytics tools for each data type sustain algorithm development, contributing to the Apollo platform data model library.

The Apollo platform fosters broader scientific collaboration and delivers essential advancements in Roche’s key therapeutic areas.

GitHub: The broadest open-source data hosting platform worldwide

Dedicated to contributing to open science, the Institut Roche operates on GitHub. As the largest public development platform worldwide, GitHub is the ideal tool to host open-source Roche collaborative projects.