About us

Our modus operandi

Institut Roche’s essence lies in its ability to co-construct and co-finance public-private research partnerships through collaboration between Roche R&D teams and external partners. However, scientific collaboration necessitates more than funding. Like any live ecosystem, it requires close monitoring, fostering, and support: Institut Roche’s vocation.

Our daily operations

Within the framework of our partnerships, the Institut undertakes several missions daily, facilitating the process every step of the way:



Track contract-related costs with accounting management
Lead steering committees



 Manage collaboration platforms (external and internal)
 Organize meetings
 Conduct follow-ups
 Connect RED and French communication departements


Dialog and sustainable relationship

 Foster and animate scientific discussion
 Make expertise and resources available to scientists
 Create appropriate discussion forums



 Ensure quality standards through compliance and compliance training
 Conduct standard operating procedures, sample transfer, and data transfer


Progress report

 Report on deliverables and milestones
 Adapt project plans


Publication and promotion

 Organize publications
 Boost valorization and publication of results
 Patent applications


Issue resolution

 Inherent and comprehensive knowledge of the R&D environment
 Understanding of stakeholder’s expectations


Our custom-made result-focused approach to collaborations

Institut Roche develops a rigorous, tailor-made design with a result-oriented approach for each project. We apply great care in selecting our projects with two objectives: publishing results to share with the international scientific community and patenting patient-centric medical applications.

Since 2010, the Institut has managed hundreds of scientific partnerships. Depending on their specific needs, our projects adopt personalized formats:
Collaborative programs (funding with/without molecules)
Service agreements
Master agreements
Joint call for proposals
CIFRE PhD programs (Industrial and academic thesis program)