About us

Institut Roche


Our Vision

Institut Roche contributes to the Roche R&D ecosystem by transforming scientific advancement into medical solutions through expert public-private partnerships. With our leading data-driven approach to life science, we aspire to be the gateway and catalyst for patient care.

Our Missions

Foster and develop public-private partnerships paramount to healthcare innovation.

The era of sectorized research, academic on one side and private on the other, is over. To address today’s challenges in patient care and unmet health needs, not only must scientific knowledge and expertise be shared but also catalyzed. Institut Roche’s core design answers those challenges.

Advance science in therapeutic areas with unmet needs.

Bringing innovation to therapeutic solutions requires a deeper understanding of diseases, genomic profiling, and treatment resistance factors. Institut Roche connects cutting-edge complementary teams to expand knowledge, accelerate diagnosis, decipher resistance mechanisms, and explore new therapeutic strategies to design tomorrow’s medicine.

Accelerate biomedical innovation by integrating a data-driven strategy.

Biomedical innovation now relies on the capacity to integrate an ever-increasing amount of data. Through the Insight Labs project, Institut Roche continuously develops its expertise in biological data computation and mathematics to stay one step ahead of data expansion.


Our position within the Roche Group

As the interface of the Roche Group R&D ecosystem, Institut Roche is the hub supporting and connecting all the independent and autonomous Roche R&D units: Pharma Research and Early Development (pRED), Genentech Research and Early Development (pRED), Roche Diagnostics, Chugai, Spark Therapeutics, Flatiron Health, and Foundation Medicine Inc.

Our history

Since its creation in 2010, the Institut Roche has strived to foster and catalyze Roche’s R&D

Dec 2010

Creation of Institut Roche dedicated to research included in the pRED network


Institut Roche included in gRED network

Aug 2020

Expansion of Institut Roche including data-driven reverse translational research