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“La science n’a pas de patrie, car la connaissance appartient à l’humanité, c’est un flambeau qui illumine le monde”.

Louis Pasteur, 1888


Institut Roche

Leveraging multidisciplinary and open biomedical innovation through patient-centric research collaborations

Institut Roche operates under Roche’s philosophy and ambition: “Doing now what patients need next.” This is our lodestar and it guides us in forging high-value research partnerships.

To this end, Institut Roche contributes to open science: we are co-constructing and sharing knowledge with the world to bring the highest possible value to patients. Institut Roche fully embraces this model as the global biomedical R&D ecosystem shifts the paradigm toward open, multidisciplinary, and pre-competitive collaborations.

Institut Roche is the unique point of contact in the Roche ecosystem with the main purpose of openly and collaboratively moving innovation forward. We operate at the interface between Roche’s internal R&D and external research ecosystems. We co-construct and cultivate research collaborations to catalyze, promote, and execute transformative innovation in biomedicine and healthcare.
New technologies, including machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI), present never-before-seen opportunities to adopt a data-driven approach to biomedical research at scale. As biomedical science moves into a new era, we will innovate by combining biomedical knowledge with cutting-edge expertise in computational modeling to create insights from the quickly growing ocean of available biomedical data.

Institut Roche is an independent French research institute operating globally for Hoffmann-LaRoche. France has a remarkable history in fundamental science and notably within biomedicine and mathematics. This environment has been complemented with substantial investments and a new focus on AI and ML, providing us with a stimulating and enriching homeport.The Institut is physically located in La Ville Lumière, Paris, which is known for its poets, artists, philosophers, engineers, and scientists.

The coming decades will be transformative. Data, computation, and new scientific knowledge will revolutionize biomedicine and healthcare. The Institut Roche dedicates itself to leveraging the power of new technologies and the ingenuity of the human mind to bring stability, understanding, and insights to the world through our common scientific language and our common goal to help humankind.

It is a fascinating time to be active in research and biomedicine and we, Institut Roche, have great hopes for a shared future.

General Manager of Institut Roche

Magnus Fontes