R&D Approach

Roche’s therapeutic
approach: FAQ


What is Roche’s therapeutic approach?

Roche’s therapeutic approach is historically biomedical: understanding fundamental biology to better help patients will always be our modus operandi and purpose. As R&D and healthcare entered the biomathematics era, innovation now involves processing an ever-growing amount of data to foster research and clinical decision-making.

Therefore, Roche’s modern therapeutic approach combines multidisciplinary expertises by associating biomedical research with mathematical and computational sciences.

What is biomathematics?

Biomathematics is the science of applying mathematical and computational modelling to the structure and function of living organisms. Mathematics can cross-reference more data than the human brain, extracting useful information and generating predictive models.

Therefore, it accelerates and facilitates decision-making in healthcare from early R&D to clinical development and
treatment post-marketing stages.


Is artificial intelligence the foundation of Roche’s therapeutic approach?

No, AI is not a purpose but an instrument, like a new microscope. Furthermore, AI is not intelligent yet, and all AI algorithms, such as machine learning, still rely on binary. Biomedical science will always be the foundation of Roche’s R&D, and the human brain remains an unmatched instrument. We will innovate by combining biomedical knowledge with a fundamental understanding of biomathematics.

How is Roche embracing the new data driven paradigm?

As Roche entered the new biomathematics era, Institut Roche appointed its new General Manager in 2020: Dr. Magnus Fontes, Ph.D. in mathematics and expert in bioinformatics, machine learning, and mathematical & statistical modeling. This paradigm shift continued with hiring new data science project managers and culminated with the Insights Lab project launch in 2021.

Institut Roche sets up new data partnerships to implement this new philosophy, including mathematical modeling projects with INRIA.


What is Insights Lab initiative?

Insights Lab initiative is an authentic open science network, embodying Institut Roche’s vocation: an international collaboration initiative of excellence to bring results to patients. Spearheaded by Institut Roche, Insights Lab expands Roche’s network of expertise in data and biomathematics to accelerate biomedical R&D for patients.

What is Roche’s vision for R&D and healthcare for the next decade ?

Biomathematics, machine learning, and AI offer never-before-seen opportunities for medical innovation. Therefore, we envision Roche’s next decade as a human- machine partnership combining human intelligence and computational power to bring the highest value possible to patients. With new measurements of multi-omics data and vaster treatment options, AI-powered decision support systems will help doctors with daily clinical decisions.

Healthcare will not look the same in ten years, and Roche has tremendous hope for a shared future.