Institut Roche

Doing now what patients need next through open science partnerships

Leveraging multidisciplinary and open biomedical innovation through patient-centric research collaborations

Institut Roche is the only entity in the Roche ecosystem with the primary purpose of moving science forward openly and collaboratively. We co-construct research collaborations to catalyze, promote, and execute innovation in biomedicine and healthcare.


Our team

General Manager

Magnus Fontes

Oncology & Immunology

Senior Research Associate/ Biosafety Manager

Annabelle Mouchotte


Computational Project Manager

Florent Guinot

Data Science


Roche’s R&D approach

Since 1896, Roche has evolved medicine through ground-breaking innovation for humankind’s benefit. The Roche Group is now a global healthcare leader, translating its unique approach to R&D and science into life-changing solutions for patients.