Scientific Project Manager

Hamasseh Shirvani

Oncology, Immunology, Infectious Diseases

“At Institut Roche, we believe it is only by collaborating with the brightest minds in science and medicine that we can transform lives and make a meaningful difference for patients. We are extremely fortunate to be able to work with world-class scientists both within the Roche’s R&D group and some excellent academic research teams and to co-construct high-value multidisciplinary projects to rapidly transform innovative solutions into clinical applications and delivering them to patients.”

Your role at Institut Roche and brief presentation of your professional background:

I joined Institut Roche in 2016 as a Scientific Project Manager. My role is to work closely with our internal R&D teams to understand their needs and required resources, and then to align the scientific expertise of leading academic institutions with the innovation that thrives at Genentech and Roche. In my daily work, I am in charge of identifying, establishing and long- term managing of translational research partnerships between our R&D teams and key academic partners. I also have the privilege of contributing to the transmission of knowledge and training of young researchers as a supervisor of PhD projects. Prior to joining Institut Roche). I worked at Institut Curie as a Research Project Manager, where I led an innovative scientific project to study and develop new therapeutic strategies for a pediatric brain tumor.

I also spent 4 years at Institut Cochin working on the pharmacology involved in the immune response to understand the mechanism of entry of HIV. Meanwhile, I also had opportunity to reveal a new molecular target with therapeutic potential for psychiatric and neurological diseases. Immunologist by training (PhD from René Descartes University, Paris 5) I also obtained the university diploma specialized on innovation strategy in biomedical companies and technology transfer (UPMC).

My Focus at Institut Roche:

At Institut Roche, my efforts focuses mainly on advances in oncology, immunology and infectious Diseases. I also support Roche-Genentech’s efforts in the field of pediatrics.

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