Alexandre Pichard

Oncology, Radiobiology, Cancer Therapy

“It is a great honor to join and to work in a big and respected pharmaceutical company where we strive to improve the state of health of people in the world.”

Your role at Institut Roche and brief presentation of your professional background:

I first joined Institut Roche for one year in 2018 for a
postdoctoral position, and joined again in 2021 as a scientist. I work in a research team that designs and performs scientific preclinical experiments in the context of cancer treatment. Before joining Institut Roche, I evaluated and tried to understand the impact of ionizing radiation on tumor cells, in order to develop new treatments.

My Focus at Institut Roche:

My focus at Institut Roche is to develop new targeted radiotherapies using a particular type of ionizing radiations called alpha particles to fight cancer, particularly for indications for which few treatment options currently exist.

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