Scientific Project Manager

Cameron Ross MacPherson

Data analytics & strategy

“To benefit more patients faster we must strive and trailblaze together. As we look to the future, a concerted effort needs to be made to jointly execute on groundbreaking research aided by new data technologies, standards, and artificial intelligence. The Institut Roche is uniquely positioned with a longstanding foundation in true academic-industry partnerships enabling it to act as launchpad for the Roche R&D ecosystem. It is my pleasure to join my exceptional colleagues on this mission.”

Your role at Institut Roche and brief presentation of your professional background:

I joined Institut Roche in 2022 as a Scientific Project Manager having previously led a Health Informatics laboratory and consulting for several years on data management and analytics in the context of medical artificial intelligence. My role is to further the data strategy and scientific goals of key Roche projects by leveraging and consolidating technologies across research networks. The work necessitates the identification and enabling of opportunities between internal and external stakeholders, promoting data sharing and efficient knowledge transfer through scalable process and infrastructure design, and lastly to accelerate scientific discovery through the planning and hosting of cross-disciplinary events to discuss hypotheses and act on them with agility. Through these actions we will continue to help our scientists drive rapid advances across disease and therapeutic areas to ultimately benefit the lives of patients.

My Focus at Institut Roche:

I work as Data Sharing and Advanced Analytics lead for the immunotherapy Centers of Research Excellence network (imCORE) spanning 26 global sites and encompassing over 85 preclinical and clinical trials.

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