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Since its creation, Institut Roche has translated its expertise into numerous successful scientific publications

Vismodegib resistant mutations are not selected in multifocal relapses of locally advanced basal cell carcinoma after vismodegib discontinuation. Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, 33(11).

Ighilahriz, M., Benfodda, M., Sharpe, H., Soufir, N., Mourah, S., Dumaz, N., Battistella, M., Savina, A., Bouquet, F., Nikolaev, S., & Basset-Seguin, N. (2019).

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Intermittent Versus Continuous Dosing of MAPK Inhibitors in the Treatment of BRAF-Mutated Melanoma. Translational oncology, 13(2), 275–286.

Reger de Moura, C., Vercellino, L., Jouenne, F., Baroudjian, B., Sadoux, A., Louveau, B., Delyon, J., Serror, K., Goldwirt, L., Merlet, P., Bouquet, F., Battistella, M., Lebbé, C., & Mourah, S. (2020).

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A Tridimensional Model for NK Cell-Mediated ADCC of Follicular Lymphoma. Frontiers in Immunology, 10.

Decaup, E., Rossi, C., Gravelle, P., Laurent, C., Bordenave, J., Tosolini, M., Tourette, A., Perrial, E., Dumontet, C., Poupot, M., Klein, C., Savina, A., Fournié, J. J., & Bezombes, C. (2019).

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Social Anxiety in Children and Adolescents With Autism Spectrum Disorders Contribute to Impairments in Social Communication and Social Motivation. Frontiers in Psychiatry, 11.

Briot, K., Jean, F., Jouni, A., Geoffray, M. M., Ly-Le Moal, M., Umbricht, D., Chatham, C., Murtagh, L., Delorme, R., Bouvard, M., Leboyer, M., & Amestoy, A. (2020).

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Persistence of dysfunctional natural killer cells in adults with high-functioning autism spectrum disorders : stigma/consequence of unresolved early infectious events ? Molecular Autism, 10(1).

Bennabi, M., Tarantino, N., Gaman, A., Scheid, I., Krishnamoorthy, R., Debré, P., Bouleau, A., Caralp, M., Gueguen, S., Le-Moal, M. L., Bouvard, M., Amestoy, A., Delorme, R., Leboyer, M., Tamouza, R., & Vieillard, V. (2019).

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Endometrial Tumor Microenvironment Alters Human NK Cell Recruitment, and Resident NK Cell Phenotype and Function. Frontiers in Immunology, 10.

Degos, C., Heinemann, M., Barrou, J., Boucherit, N., Lambaudie, E., Savina, A., Gorvel, L., & Olive, D. (2019).

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Role of Calcium Signaling in GA101-Induced Cell Death in Malignant Human B Cells. Cancers, 11(3), 291.

Latour, S., Zanese, M., le Morvan, V., Vacher, A. M., Menard, N., Bijou, F., Durrieu, F., Soubeyran, P., Savina, A., Vacher, P., & Bresson-Bepoldin, L. (2019).

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La médecine de précision en oncologie : challenges, enjeux et nouveaux paradigmes. Bulletin du Cancer, 106(2), 97-104.

Cox, S., Rousseau-Tsangaris, M., Abou-Zeid, N., Dalle, S., Leurent, P., Cutivet, A., Le, H. H., Kotb, S., Bogaert, B., Gardette, R., Baran, Y., Holder, J. M., Lerner, L., Blay, J. Y., Cambrosio, A., Tredan, O., & Denèfle, P. (2019).

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Resistance to lysosomotropic drugs used to treat kidney and breast cancers involves autophagy and inflammation and converges in inducing CXCL5. Theranostics, 9(4), 1181-1199.

Giuliano, S., Dufies, M., Ndiaye, P. D., Viotti, J., Borchiellini, D., Parola, J., Vial, V., Cormerais, Y., Ohanna, M., Imbert, V., Chamorey, E., Rioux-Leclercq, N., Savina, A., Ferrero, J. M., Mograbi, B., & Pagès, G. (2019).

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