Institut Roche to lead the Integrative Analysis for The triple-negative breast cancer research project CASSIOPEIA

The RHU program aims to bring together academic, hospital, and industrial partners to improve patient care by understanding diseases better, promoting more effective and better-tolerated treatments, and boosting innovation.

On December 8th, 2021, the French minister for health, Olivier Véran, announced the fifth edition’s winners: CASSIOPEIA, a collaborative initiative with Institut Curie, Oncodesign, Vyoo Agency, Roche, and Institut Roche, was rewarded for its approach to triple-negative breast cancer. CASSIOPEIA aims to understand this cancer heterogeneity better and identify indications of early resistance to treatment.

The substantial financial support obtained will support the collaborative consortium effort to study new detection methods for metastases and early relapses, and, ultimately, this predictive approach will help develop innovative targeted therapies program.