Roche is proud to present two symposiums during FENS (Federation of European Neuroscience Societies) Forum 2022 in Paris, from July 9th to 13th.

Since 1998, the FENS (counting 44 scientific societies representing more than 20000 scientists) has organized the largest neuroscience conference in Europe.

Covering every aspect of brain research, the FENS Forum 2022 will gather more than 5000 international scientists and 400 speakers for 56 symposiums.

The Institut Roche is proud to present two symposiums starring six pRED speakers on the following topics:

1. Neuroscience Overview – Azad Bonni
2. Targeting protein aggregation and inflammation in Parkinson’s disease – Patrik Brundin
3. Treatment of Alzheimer’s disease – Rachelle Doody
4. Research on Huntington’s disease – Lauren Boak
5. Preserving Motor Neurons and Motor Function – Kathryn Wagner
6. Research on Multiple Sclerosis – Björn Tackenberg