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Depuis sa création, l’Institut Roche a mis son expertise au profit de nombreuses publications scientifiques.

Natural history of Type 2 and 3 spinal muscular atrophy: 2-year NatHis-SMA study. Annals of clinical and translational neurology, 8(2), 359–373.

Annoussamy, M., Seferian, A. M., Daron, A., Péréon, Y., Cances, C., Vuillerot, C., De Waele, L., Laugel, V., Schara, U., Gidaro, T., Lilien, C., Hogrel, J. Y., Carlier, P., Fournier, E., Lowes, L., Gorni, K., Ly-Le Moal, M., Hellbach, N., Seabrook, T., Czech, C., … NatHis-SMA study group (2021).
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DNA repair-based classification of melanoma cell lines reveals an effect of mutations in BRAF and NRAS driver genes on DNA repair capacity. Biorxiv.

Sauvaigo, S., Benkhiat, M., Braisaz, F., Girard, J., Libert, S., Mouret, S., de Fraipont, F., Aspord, C., Bouquet, F., & Leccia, M. T. (2020).
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Longitudinal analysis of organ-specific tumor lesion sizes in metastatic colorectal cancer patients receiving first line standard chemotherapy in combination with anti-angiogenic treatment. Journal of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, 47(6), 613–625.

Mercier, F., Kerioui, M., Desmée, S., Guedj, J., Krieter, O., & Bruno, R. (2020).
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Bayesian inference using Hamiltonian Monte-Carlo algorithm for nonlinear joint modeling in the context of cancer immunotherapy. Statistics in medicine, 39(30), 4853–4868.

Kerioui, M., Mercier, F., Bertrand, J., Tardivon, C., Bruno, R., Guedj, J., & Desmée, S. (2020).
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“Reading the Mind in the Eyes” in Autistic Adults is Modulated by Valence and Difficulty : An InFoR Study. Autism Research, 14(2), 380-388.

Baltazar, M., Geoffray, M., Chatham, C., Bouvard, M., Martinez Teruel, A., Monnet, D., Scheid, I., Murzi, E., Couffin-Cadiergues, S., Umbricht, D., Murtagh, L., Delorme, R., Ly Le-Moal, M., Leboyer, M., & Amestoy, A. (2020).
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Low expression of ANT1 confers oncogenic properties to rhabdomyosarcoma tumor cells by modulating metabolism and death pathways. Cell Death Discovery, 6(1).

Vial, J., Huchedé, P., Fagault, S., Basset, F., Rossi, M., Geoffray, J., Soldati, H., Bisaccia, J., Elsensohn, M. H., Creveaux, M., Neves, D., Blay, J. Y., Fauvelle, F., Bouquet, F., Streichenberger, N., Corradini, N., Bergeron, C., Maucort-Boulch, D., Castets, P.,. . . Castets, M. (2020).
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IDO Targeting in Sarcoma : Biological and Clinical Implications. Frontiers in Immunology, 11.

Nafia, I., Toulmonde, M., Bortolotto, D., Chaibi, A., Bodet, D., Rey, C., Velasco, V., Larmonier, C. B., Cerf, L., Adam, J., le Loarer, F., Savina, A., Bessede, A., & Italiano, A. (2020).
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Prototyping Trastuzumab Docetaxel Immunoliposomes with a New FCM-Based Method to Quantify Optimal Antibody Density on Nanoparticles. Sci Rep 10, 4147 (2020).

Rodallec, A., Franco, C., Robert, S. et al.
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Tumor uptake and associated greater efficacy of anti-Her2 immunoliposome does not rely on Her2 expression status: study of a docetaxel-trastuzumab immunoliposome on Her2+ breast cancer model (SKBR3). Anti-cancer drugs, 31(5), 463–472.

Rodallec, A., Sicard, G., Giacometti, S., Carre, M., Maia, T., Valette, M., Bouquet, F., Savina, A., Lacarelle, B., Ciccolini, J., & Fanciullino, R. (2020).
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