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Since its creation, Institut Roche has translated its expertise into numerous successful scientific publications

DICER1 and FOXL2 mutations in ovarian sex cord-stromal tumours: a GINECO Group study. Histopathology, 68(2), 279–285.

Goulvent, T., Ray-Coquard, I., Borel, S., Haddad, V., Devouassoux-Shisheboran, M., Vacher-Lavenu, M. C., Pujade-Laurraine, E., Savina, A., Maillet, D., Gillet, G., Treilleux, I., & Rimokh, R. (2016).
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The c-Jun/RHOB/AKT pathway confers resistance of BRAF-mutant melanoma cells to MAPK inhibitors. Oncotarget, 6(17), 15250–15264.

Delmas, A., Cherier, J., Pohorecka, M., Medale-Giamarchi, C., Meyer, N., Casanova, A., Sordet, O., Lamant, L., Savina, A., Pradines, A., & Favre, G. (2015).
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Endoplasmic reticulum stress drives proteinuria-induced kidney lesions via Lipocalin 2. Nat Commun 7, 10330 (2016).

El Karoui, K., Viau, A., Dellis, O. et al.
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Structural insight into cap-snatching and RNA synthesis by influenza polymerase. Nature 516, 361–366 (2014).

Reich, S., Guilligay, D., Pflug, A. et al.
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Type 2 Diabetes Remission After Gastric Bypass: What Is the Best Prediction Tool for Clinicians?. OBES SURG 25, 1128–1132 (2015).

Cotillard, A., Poitou, C., Duchâteau-Nguyen, G. et al.
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Circulating tumor DNA and circulating tumor cells in metastatic triple negative breast cancer patients. Int. J. Cancer, 136: 2158-2165.

Madic, J., Kiialainen, A., Bidard, F.-C., Birzele, F., Ramey, G., Leroy, Q., Frio, T.R., Vaucher, I., Raynal, V., Bernard, V., Lermine, A., Clausen, I., Giroud, N., Schmucki, R., Milder, M., Horn, C., Spleiss, O., Lantz, O., Stern, M.-H., Pierga, J.-Y., Weisser, M. and Lebofsky, R. (2015).
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Powers of the Likelihood Ratio Test and the Correlation Test Using Empirical Bayes Estimates for Various Shrinkages in Population Pharmacokinetics. CPT: Pharmacometrics & Systems Pharmacology, 3: 109.

Combes, F., Retout, S., Frey, N. and Mentré, F. (2014).
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HER3 as biomarker and therapeutic target in pancreatic cancer: new insights in pertuzumab therapy in preclinical models. Oncotarget, 5(16), 7138–7148.

Thomas, G., Chardès, T., Gaborit, N., Mollevi, C., Leconet, W., Robert, B., Radosevic-Robin, N., Penault-Llorca, F., Gongora, C., Colombo, P. E., Lazrek, Y., Bras-Goncalves, R., Savina, A., Azria, D., Bazin, H., Pèlegrin, A., & Larbouret, C. (2014).
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A cancer model for the angiogenic switch. Journal of theoretical biology, 360, 21–33.

Viger, L., Denis, F., Rosalie, M., & Letellier, C. (2014).
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