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Since its creation, Institut Roche has translated its expertise into numerous successful scientific publications

Decreased Cortical Thickness in the Anterior Cingulate Cortex in Adults with Autism. J Autism Dev Disord 49, 1402–1409 (2019).

Laidi, C., Boisgontier, J., de Pierrefeu, A. et al.
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Boosting γδ T cell-mediated antibody-dependent cellular cytotoxicity by PD-1 blockade in follicular lymphoma. Oncoimmunology, 8(3), 1554175.

Rossi, C., Gravelle, P., Decaup, E., Bordenave, J., Poupot, M., Tosolini, M., Franchini, D. M., Laurent, C., Morin, R., Lagarde, J. M., Ysebaert, L., Ligat, L., Jean, C., Savina, A., Klein, C., Céspedes, A. M., Perez-Galan, P., Fournié, J. J., & Bezombes, C. (2018).
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Local structural connectivity is associated with social cognition in autism spectrum disorder. Brain, 141(12), 3472-3481.

D’Albis, M. A., Guevara, P., Guevara, M., Laidi, C., Boisgontier, J., Sarrazin, S., Duclap, D., Delorme, R., Bolognani, F., Czech, C., Bouquet, C., Ly-Le Moal, M., Holiga, S., Amestoy, A., Scheid, I., Gaman, A., Leboyer, M., Poupon, C., Mangin, J. F., & Houenou, J. (2018).
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The contribution of genomics in the medicine of tomorrow, clinical applications and issues. Therapie, 74(1), 9–15.

Laviolle, B., Denèfle, P., Gueyffier, F., & participants of Giens XXXIV Round Table “Translational research” (2019).
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The density of Tbet+ tumor-infiltrating T lymphocytes reflects an effective and druggable preexisting adaptive antitumor immune response in colorectal cancer, irrespective of the microsatellite status. OncoImmunology, 8(4), e1562834.

Ott, E., Bilonda, L., Dansette, D., Deleine, C., Duchalais, E., Podevin, J., Volteau, C., Bennouna, J., Touchefeu, Y., Fourquier, P., el Alami Thomas, W., Chetritt, J., Bezieau, S., Denis, M., Toquet, C., Mosnier, J. F., Jarry, A., & Bossard, C. (2019).
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From 3D spheroids to tumor bearing mice: efficacy and distribution studies of trastuzumab-docetaxel immunoliposome in breast cancer. International journal of nanomedicine, 13, 6677–6688.

Rodallec, A., Sicard, G., Giacometti, S., Carré, M., Pourroy, B., Bouquet, F., Savina, A., Lacarelle, B., Ciccolini, J., & Fanciullino, R. (2018).
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Macrophages of distinct origins contribute to tumor development in the lung. Journal of Experimental Medicine, 215(10), 2536-2553.

Loyher, P. L., Hamon, P., Laviron, M., Meghraoui-Kheddar, A., Goncalves, E., Deng, Z., Torstensson, S., Bercovici, N., Baudesson De Chanville, C., Combadière, B., Geissmann, F., Savina, A., Combadière, C., & Boissonnas, A. (2018).
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Docetaxel-trastuzumab stealth immunoliposome: development and in vitro proof of concept studies in breast cancer. International journal of nanomedicine, 13, 3451–3465.

Rodallec, A., Brunel, J. M., Giacometti, S., Maccario, H., Correard, F., Mas, E., Orneto, C., Savina, A., Bouquet, F., Lacarelle, B., Ciccolini, J., & Fanciullino, R. (2018).
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Esophageal cancer cells resistant to T-DM1 display alterations in cell adhesion and the prostaglandin pathway. Oncotarget. 2018; 9: 21141-21155. Retrievedfrom

Sauveur J., Matera E., Chettab K., Valet P., Guitton J., Savina A., Dumontet C.
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