Principal Fellow

René Bruno


“After having worked with gRED Clinical Pharmacology as a consultant for several years, I wanted to join the company to have a greater impact on development programs. Institut Roche gave me this opportunity to work with Genentech (gRED Clinical Pharmacology) while being based in France.”

Your role at Institut Roche and brief presentation of your professional background:

I am a Pharmacometrician and Clinical Pharmacologist with close to 40 years of modeling and drug development experience in academic (3 years), consulting (13 years) and industry (23 years). I joined Institut Roche in 2016 as a Staff Scientist. My role is to support the development of the gRED oncology portfolio as Modeling and Simulation (M&S) expert within the Department of Clinical Pharmacology. I am the M&S Lead for Atezolizumab (Tecentriq).

My Focus at Institut Roche:

Development of tumor growth Inhibition (TGI) models and models linking TGI to overall survival (OS) to support oncology drug development, from early clinical trial decisions to personalized health care (PHC).

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